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Tornado path of yesterday’s storm & a wx update

The NWS was able to confirm that yesterday’s storm in Pleasant Hill was indeed a tornado and not straight-line winds. The tornado has been preliminarily rated EF-0 and the path has been charted. Both are subject to change but I doubt any changes will be made.

The map of the path is seen below. Crossville is in the lower right corner. The path begins at Pleasant Hill school.

That map seems to match well with radar’s track of the storm. I captured this screen shot from RadarScope after the storm had passed. You can see that path across the northern half of Cumberland County. Another strong/severe storm tracked across southern Fentress County. Much of the plateau enjoyed a beautiful April day, but it only takes one bad storm…..

The latest short-term model run keeps us dry through this afternoon and into the evening. Hopefully that verifies. Then, we’ll track a line of strong to severe storms through West TN late this evening. That line is expected to weaken as it moves across Middle TN overnight. Then, another line of strong to severe storms may develop by around 4:00 a.m. in West TN again. That line may have better luck getting to the plateau.

I’ll have a special update this evening to update you all on all of this. Keep in mind that IF we get a storm to develop this afternoon or evening, it could contain hail and gusty winds.

2 thoughts on “Tornado path of yesterday’s storm & a wx update

  1. So is this the same one that was ‘spotted’ in the Northwoods Elem/Woody area? Which direction did it originate and end?

    1. As far as I know. It was very visible and seen from across much of the county. The map shows the beginning and ending points.

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