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Full Moon Rising

If you step outside, you’ll see a big, nearly-Full Moon rising. It’s a bit obscured by some high, thin clouds but that kinda makes it look a little bit cooler.

The Moon officially becomes full at about 10:30. It is a super moon, meaning that it appears just a bit larger/brighter than a typical Full Moon, though you’re unlikely to notice much of a difference.

This Full Moon is nicknamed the “pink moon” after a type of herb moss native to the eastern U.S., which is one of the earliest widespread flowers of spring, according to NASA. The Moon will not be pink, though it actually does look kinda pink to me right now because of the clouds and the effect that is having on the light.

I think this is the first time in forever I haven’t had to tell you to grab a jacket before heading outside. It’s a very pleasant spring evening.

You all take care and enjoy that view of the Moon!

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