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MM’s Wed Wx Blog for May 5

Weather Headlines

Showers moving out this morning

Showers and storms Thursday night (should be non-severe)

An unsettled weekend

Meteorologist Mark’s Wx Vlog 

Unavailable today. Should be back tomorrow!

Five-Day Forecast

Daily Forecast Summary

Today: Skies gradually improve, with some sun possible by afternoon.

Thursday: Clouds increase later in the day, showers and thunderstorms may become likely overnight. Storms are expected to stay below severe limits.

Friday: Clouds decrease and we should see the sun much of the day.

Saturday: Partly to mostly cloudy, with a chance for showers.

Sunday: Showers and thunderstorms could be likely.

Meteorologist Mark’s Wx Concerns

Meteorologist Mark’s Wx Discussion

Storms Thursday evening will drop out of the northwest. I’ll track those as they move in. They should behave themselves, to that’s good. We need the break.

My attention is turning to the weekend. I think Saturday will just be a day where we dodge some showers, but Sunday is making me raise an eyebrow. If I start raising both brows while looking at data that comes in today, I’ll start using my “Level of Concern” graphics for that day. I started to use them this morning, but the Storm Prediction Center isn’t highlighting anything for us just yet, and Sunday is at the very tail end of this forecast period. So, we’ll wait and see what new data today and tonight shows. Just keep that in mind if you’re planning anything for Sunday.

Almanac for Yesterday

On This Day in Wx History

1999- A severe weather outbreak produces widespread wind damage (at least $4.7 million worth) across Middle Tennessee. Linden is hit by an F-4 tornado, killing three. FAA wind equipment at the Nashville International Airport clocks a 99 mph wind gust. Seventy planes are damaged, and 2 hangars are destroyed. Debris and jet fuel are scattered across the runway, closing the airport for several hours. A total of six tornadoes strike the Midstate. This was part of a major severe weather outbreak that stretched from the southern plains to the South. The previous day brought a devastating and historic F-5 tornado into the southern suburbs of Oklahoma City.

Yesterday’s National Temperature Extremes

High:  101° at Death Valley, California

Low:   14° at Hazen, North Dakota  

Today’s Tennessee Weather 

After some morning showers and thundershowers move out, much of the state will enjoy a partly to mostly sunny spring day, with the most abundant sunshine expected across the west. Showers will hold on the longest in the eastern portions of Tennessee.

Map created by

Tonight’s Tennessee Weather 

A few passing clouds for the Midstate may drop a few sprinkles overnight, especially on the Cumberland Plateau. Overwise, much of the state can expect a mostly clear night and cool temperatures.

Map created by

Tomorrow’s Tennessee Weather 

Some showers and thundershowers may move into the western end of the state later in the day, while the rest of the state sees partly to mostly sunny skies. Temps will be pleasant, climbing to near 70 during the afternoon for much of Tennessee.

Map created by

Drought Monitor

The drought monitor is updated each Thursday.

NASA Nerdology 

Today marks the 60th anniversary of Alan Shepard’s historic flight aboard Freedom 7, making him the first American in space. What a historic day!

You all have a great day and keep lookin’ up!

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