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MM’s 12:30 Sunday Afternoon Update

I’ve noticed some really cool-looking clouds out there this afternoon. They are the result of a changing pattern.

As I mentioned in last night’s blog, rain and storms are approaching the plateau at this noon hour. For some, the rain has arrived. For all, the wind is very gusty. Expect winds to gust to 40 mph, with or without storms. Rain is slowly moving eastward. This is the remnants of a big complex of storms that developed in Kansas yesterday evening. It is ahead of the cold front. These showers and storms may stabilize our atmosphere (that’s expected) and keep us much safer from the cold front that comes later this evening.

The current radar (12:20 pm) shows the activity moving in. Cumberland County is highlighted. Notice that all storms are below severe limits at this hour. Let’s hope it stays that way.

The risk for severe storms, overall, is low for the plateau. We remain in the marginal risk, which is the lowest of the five severe weather risk categories. Never the less, be aware that some storms could be on the strong/severe side, with damaging straight-line winds being the main threat.

As we go into the evening, our storm system will bring more showers and storms into the area. Until the cold front swings through around midnight, our rain chances will be with us, as well as these gusty winds.

I just noticed that a severe thunderstorm or tornado watch is about to be issued for parts of West TN and Mississippi and Arkansas. The atmosphere is MUCH more unstable out that way, so this isn’t much of a surprise. That watch will be issued for the cold front that is moving into that area over the next several hours.

Behind this cold front temps will drop. That will set the stage for a very cool week, especially for this time of year. The colder spots may even see some patchy frost Tuesday night.

I’ll keep an eye on things! Make sure your weather radios are on, just in case.

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