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Sunday 7:15 Wx Update

The cold front has now passed through Nashville. I just noticed the winds at the Nashville International Airport have now switched to the north. The front will continue pushing east.

There has been severe weather with the front in southern West TN, but our atmosphere up here on the plateau is vastly different from theirs. While these showers may have put a kink in some Mother’s Day plans, these same showers/t-showers have helped keep our atmosphere more stable. As you can see on the radar below, we have plenty more showers to keep us stable.

Expect more showers and storms the rest of the evening. Some of the storms could contain gusty winds, heavy rainfall, and cloud-to-ground lightning.

After today, we’ll be free from any severe weather threat for at least a week.

The rains may fall and the winds may blow, but if you sell your house there’s just one to call….Meteorologist Mark! Give me a call/text and we’ll sell some real-estate! 931-248-1476 or!

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