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MM’s Tues Wx Blog for May 11

Weather Headlines

Chance for a cold rain shower overnight

Guidance trending drier and warmer for second half of the week

Temps near 80 degrees by the weekend

Special Notes

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Meteorologist Mark’s Wx Vlog 

Seven-Day Forecast

Daily Forecast Summary/Discussion

It’s looking the best chance for rain this week may come tonight. That rain chance is small, but many of us will see a bit of rain fall from our skies. It will be a chilly rain!

The rest of the week features more clouds but warming temps. By the weekend, we’ll be flirting with 80 degrees. Normal highs this time of year are in the low to mid 70s for our region. We’ve been far from that here lately! Many of us are ready for the warmer weather.

There are still no weather concerns in sight. Monday will hold a chance for storms but right now they’re not looking too bad. I’ll keep an eye on that.

Meteorologist Mark’s Wx Concerns

Almanac for Yesterday

Sun & The Moon 

On This Day in Wx History

2003- A pre-dawn severe weather outbreak produces six tornadoes across the Nashville metropolitan area between 2am and 4am CDT. One F-3 tornado tracks 20 miles across Williamson County, ending just northeast of downtown Franklin. One woman is injured in a demolished 3-story home on Old Hillsboro Road. Another F-3 tornado causes severe damage in the Walterhill community of Rutherford County.

Yesterday’s National Temperature Extremes

High:  104° at Rio Grande Village, Texas

Low:   13° at Atlantic City, Wyoming and Stanley, Idaho 

Today’s Tennessee Weather 

Some of us will see more sun than we did yesterday, but there will still be plenty of clouds in our Tennessee skies today. As we get later into the day, showers will begin moving in from the south. There may even be a rumble of thunder or two for those of you nearest the southern border. Temps will be a bit warmer today across the state, with everyone reaching the mid to upper 60s.

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Tonight’s Tennessee Weather 

The showers that began moving in during the latter part of Tuesday will continue moving in during the night. Counties nearest the southern border of Tennessee will once again have the best chance for hearing a rumble of thunder. It’s a chilly rain for this time of year, with lows in the 40s for most.

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Tomorrow’s Tennessee Weather 

Wednesday holds more clouds, and perhaps a shower, for many of us. The farther north you go the better your chances are for seeing some sunshine. Temperatures remain below normal for this time of year, with highs in the low to mid 60s statewide. Highs this time of year are normally well into the 70s across the state.

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Wednesday’s Weather 101 w/ Meteorologist Mark (Coming May 12th!)

Drought Monitor

The drought monitor is updated each Thursday.

Weather SnapShots (NEW!)

Two people in this vehicle were injured in Florida on I-10 yesterday. Lightning struck the roadway near them and threw a chunk of the road through their windshield and out the back window! A freak accident, for sure. Both people inside were taken to the hospital with injuries.

NASA Nerdology 

The OSIRIS-REx probe began heading for Earth yesterday, kicking off a 1.4-billion-mile journey that will culminate with the touchdown of its sample capsule in the Utah desert in September 2023.

That capsule is full of pristine material that OSIRIS-REx collected from the near-Earth Asteroid Bennu in October 2020. It is believed that asteroids hold clues to our own planet’s beginnings.

You all have a great day and keep lookin’ up!

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