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A Cold Night Ahead w/ Frost Advisories Nearby

The NWS in Jackson, Kentucky has issued a frost advisory for tonight for all the counties of eastern Kentucky. The map below shows how close those advisories are. Additional frost advisories are in effect for the mountains of North Carolina. I think many of us on the plateau will not see frost, but if you live up around Jamestown and points north, you might want to take some frost precautions with tender vegetation. I’m going to put my thermometer back out into the open field again tonight to see just how cold it gets.

For the rest of us, expect a very chilly night. Overnight lows will likely fall into the 38-42 degree range. That could mean some isolated patches of frost for those of you in typically colder locations. Hopefully, this will be our last threat of frost this season. Hopefully.

The 70s return by the weekend.

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