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A Friday of Thanks

Many of you have notice my donation button on my blogs lately. I know you’ve noticed because I get a notification each time you have donated money. You will each get a very special “thank you” from me. Some of you have even set up for monthly donations. I am beyond humbled and grateful for each and every one of you who have given.

Your money goes to support education outreach, which is something I am beyond passionate about. I want kids and adults excited about how this world works. I want folks looking up at night skies and seeing something they’ve never notice before and be in awe. I want kids excited about rocket launches and weather balloons and big storms and dynamic oceans and clouds full of swirls and updrafts and downdrafts and……..I could go on all night.

I LOVE teaching the kids classes at TCAT but, as you teachers know too well, supplies aren’t free. I have my eyes on some cool things that would really make a splash, but they cost money. Sometimes they cost a lot of money.

As a county commissioner I hear the bad news. I’m tired of hearing of kids who make decisions who grow up to be adults who make even worse decisions. The kids need something cool to focus on and something to be passionate about. WE needs kids excited about rocket fuel and the wonder of a twister and the awe of the structure of a hurricane and so on and so on. I know what it’s like to be a kid in love with a dream. I was in second grade when Mrs. Lovell ignited a little spark of meteorological wonder in me that grew into a great big explosion! It’s so good to find something in this world that makes you wonder and makes you want to learn all you can about it. Once that evolves into a passion, few things can deter you.

Working with Kids on the Rise has just reinforced my belief that we need to ignite a spark for a passion in our kids. The kids who already have challenges need that more than anyone, though I would strongly argue that ALL kids need direction in this crazy world.

Those of you who know me know how my eyes light up when I talk weather or space. I can’t help it! I want to spread that passion and I know it’s contagious. I’ve seen others catch the contagion. ha

And that’s what Meteorologist Mark is about. That’s why I’m creating a non-profit for educational outreach in the Upper Cumberlands. I have big dreams for this because dreaming big is the only kind of dreaming I know. I originally aimed at education outreach but so many adults (big kids, right?) have reached out that I’m being forced to dream even bigger (which I LOVE!).

I LOVE that my social media is complimented on by NASA, leading to me being invited to nearly every NASA Social I’ve applied for, despite those being outrageously competitive. I love bragging on the kids in my classes and how excited they get when we talk space!

And this passion leads me to this moment….being told that by year’s end the paperwork will be finalized and I’ll be up and running as a 501c(3) non-profit. How wild and cool is that!? Next week I’ll be meeting with One Bank to create an account.

So, I thank you all for the support. I never imagined so much would come from so little. This all started one day at Trade-A-Plane, when someone asked if I could do a little weather write-up in Tap Talk for the company. I think I had about a dozen readers and half of them were people I worked directly with and practically made them read it. (LOL) Now, just a few years later, I’m quickly approaching 12,000 followers and I have as many followers on social media (and growing!).

So, stay tuned and let’s see where I take this next! When you turn someone loose with a passion, there’s just no telling what’s liable to happen!

I do want to say that I am so grateful for TCAT’s support! They offer classrooms for my kids classes and I couldn’t be more appreciative. They’ve even fixed goody bags for the kids. It’s an impressive welcome! That’s why I was grateful to hear they want to be the first sponsor of Meteorologist Mark. How cool is that?

And FYI, many of you have asked about me having another Saturday at Grinder House. I will work on making that happen again soon! I also still have a couple seats left in Monday’s kids class on Martian weather/exploration. More information and registration can be found at

Thank you for your support. Thank you for trusting me with your weather….ALL hours of the day! (ha) Thank you for believing in my vision of an even better place to live!

You all take care and don’t forget to step out this evening and check out that beautiful Crescent Moon!

To offer support, please send donations to If you can’t give don’t sweat it. Just keep following and tell your friends!

If you’ve already given and would like to be one of the sponsor levels below, just message me and I’ll make it happen!

Meteorologist Mark Sponsorship Levels (Businesses welcome!)

Double Rainbow Level $50 (Because a double rainbow is just so cool!)

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Cumulonimbus $1,000 or more!

15 mentions in the blog daily weather forecast

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*Current social media following is over 10,000 people

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