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MM’s Fri Wx Blog for May 14

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Friday Funny

Weather Headlines

A warming trend begins

A beautiful start to the weekend

Unsettled weather arrives by Sunday

Meteorologist Mark’s Wx Vlog 

Unavailable today.

Seven-Day Forecast

Daily Forecast Summary/Discussion

Our week is ending on a beautiful note! And the weekend will start on a beautiful note! Don’t let that shower/storm chance on Sunday scare ya off on outdoor plans. That’s just a low chance and many of us will likely not see anything but sun and clouds.

Next week isn’t looking like a washout but we should see 50/50 chances of rain each day after Monday. Some of the storms next week could be strong (it is May, after all), but I’m not seeing any signs of widespread severe weather.

Meteorologist Mark’s Wx Concerns

Almanac for Yesterday

Sun & The Moon 

On This Day in Wx History

1898 – A severe thunderstorm, with some hailstones up to 9.5 inches in circumference, pounded a four mile wide path across Kansas City, Missouri. South-facing windows were broken in nearly every house in central and eastern parts of the city, and several persons were injured. An even larger hailstone was thought to have been found, but it turned out to be a chunk of ice tossed out the window of a building by a prankster. 

Yesterday’s National Temperature Extremes

High:  111° at Death Valley, California

Low:   17° at Peter Sinks, Utah 

Today’s Tennessee Weather 

It’s a sunny end to the week across the Volunteer state! That sunshine will send afternoon highs to around 70 degrees for much of the state. A pleasant day, indeed!

Map created by

Tonight’s Tennessee Weather 

A pleasant day will transition to a pleasant spring night. Under starry skies and a Crescent Moon, temperatures will fall to the upper 40s.

Map created by

Tomorrow’s Tennessee Weather 

By Saturday, our next storm system begins approaching. That would lead to some late-day showers for areas of northwest Tennessee. The rest of us will see plenty of sun, but clouds will begin to slowly increase from the west. Temperatures will be mild and in the 70s statewide.

Map created by

Wednesday’s Weather 101 w/ Meteorologist Mark (Coming May 12th!)

Drought Monitor

The drought monitor is updated each Thursday.

Weather SnapShots (NEW!)

This amazing picture was taken yesterday evening near Winona, Kansas by Jake Thompson (@ChaserJake94).

Like looking into Heaven.

NASA Nerdology 

These are new images of Jupiter in visible, infrared, and ultraviolet light from Gemini North and Hubble Telescope, showcasing features such as the Great Red Spot, superstorms, and gargantuan cyclones. How awesome are these photos?!

You all have a great day and keep lookin’ up!

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