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MM’s Mon Wx Blog for May 17

Weather Headlines

Forecast continues to trend drier

Dry and getting drier

Turning hot by mid to late week

Meteorologist Mark’s Wx Vlog 

Seven-Day Forecast

Daily Forecast Summary/Discussion

You’re about to find out why I keep harping on the coming dry weather. It always seems to surprise folks at how quickly things can get dry this time of year. It’s certainly a concerning situation. Let’s hope for some rain next week! I sure don’t want us to go into summer with dry conditions.

It’s as if we’ve leaped into Summer by the end of the week. Be ready to get hot and drier!

Meteorologist Mark’s Wx Concerns

Almanac for Yesterday

Sun & The Moon 

On This Day in Wx History

1988 – Thunderstorms produced large hail and damaging winds over the Carolinas during the afternoon and evening. A “thunderstorm of a lifetime” in northern Spartanburg County, South Carolina, produced hail for 45 minutes, leaving some places knee-deep in hail!

Yesterday’s National Temperature Extremes

High:  103° at Rio Grande Village, Texas

Low:   22° at both Copper Basin and Stanley, Idaho 

Moon Day Monday (New! There’ll be a new them each day)

According to laser-ranging measurements, the Moon is drifting about 1.5 inches farther from Earth each year. At this rate, the Moon will move far enough away to separate from Earth’s gravity in about 15 billion years. Before that can happen, however, the Sun will become a Red Giant (~7 billion years) and engulf the inner planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars) before that can happen.

Today’s Tennessee Weather 

We’ll see plenty of clouds for the first day of our new work week, and some of those clouds may drop some showers and thundershowers across West Tennessee. Another system may lead to a thundershower for the northeast portion of our state, as well. Storms that develop in Tennessee today are expected to stay below severe limits.

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Tonight’s Tennessee Weather 

A mild and mostly cloudy night is expected across the state. Isolated to scattered showers will be possible, with the best chance of thunder across West Tennessee. A rumble of thunder may also be heard in the night across the northeast. Once again, all storms are expected to stay below severe limits.

Map created by

Tomorrow’s Tennessee Weather 

Tuesday will bring the best chance of rain for the week, but even that’s not looking impressive. Rain chances stand at about 30%-40% statewide. Nevertheless, look for partly to mostly cloudy skies, with a chance for a shower or thundershower. Severe storms are not expected.

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Drought Monitor

The drought monitor is updated each Thursday.

Weather SnapShots

In the final stage of a tornado, it will often rope out. The one in the pic below roped out rather dramatically! An incredible photo by Brandon Sullivan (@btsullivan91) in Sudan, Texas from Sunday evening’s storms.

NASA Nerdology 

The “short-range” rocket launch at Wallops Island, Virginia finally blasted off last evening. This is the one that we wondered if we would be able to see from here. It had been delayed MANY times. It might have been possible to see it from here, except we had too much cloud cover in our skies. This picture was taken at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, by @DisneySWFan. The mission was designed to study a very fundamental problem in space plasmas, namely, how are energy and momentum transported between different regions of space that are magnetically connected? The rocket came back down near Bermuda, as planned. This is a much smaller rocket than the ones we see go into space.

You all have a great day and keep lookin’ up!

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  1. Hi Mark, I just signed on. Love the way you present it.
    Questions….Where are you located? Also, do you know locations of weather stations in Cumberland County? We’re in Fairfield Glade and find that our weather is not always as reported for Crossville. Thanks!


    1. Glad you enjoy the blog, Mike! I’m located about 10 miles north of Crossville on Highway 127. Other weather stations that the NWS relies on are at the Crossville airport and at the UT Experiment Station.

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