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Wednesday Afternoon Storm Update

Good afternoon, everyone! I just wanted to give a quick update on today’s storm potential. Thus far, the clouds and showers have kept the atmosphere stable. We’re always so thankful for clouds on days when storms threaten, right? (ha)

The best instability is hanging out around West TN and southern Middle TN. Even there, I’ve not seen anything too impressive, though the storms have been gradually strengthening near the Tennessee/Mississippi border.

As for us, our severe weather threat is really low today. The better conditions for storms will stay to our west today.

Tomorrow may be a better chance for some strong storms, but shear for tornadoes will be much lower than today (though today’s is awfully low). That’s good news! The main threat with any storm over the next 36 hours will be a damaging wind gust.

We remain in the marginal risk for severe storms through tomorrow evening. That is the lowest of the severe weather risk categories.

I’ll keep an eye on things.

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