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Wednesday Evening Storm Update

I just wanted to give you all a heads up about some storms that are on radar right now. These storms are currently out in West TN, but they are moving east/northeast. I’ve notice a severe t-storm warning with this batch of storms from time to time. The Storm Prediction Center just issued a special statement on these storms and stated that they do plan to issue any watches, but these storms could continue to be severe from time to time as they make their way to Nashville.

As these storms moves east of Nashville, they will encounter a more stable atmosphere. Never the less, don’t be surprised if you hear thunder overnight. As with any summer storm, these storms are capable of gusty winds and heavy rainfall, along with cloud to ground lightning.

On the radar image below I have highlighted Cumberland and Fentress Counties. Notice the storms across West TN, approaching the Nashville area. The good news for us is that our atmosphere is more stable, AND we have that big “blob” of rain down toward Chattanooga that is moving northeast. That area of heavier rain will help drain even more energy from our atmosphere.

You all have a good night! I’ll have a full blog update in the morning!

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