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3:15 Storm Update

The atmosphere has become a bit more unstable with the sunshine many of us are seeing, but this morning’s rain did a number on that instability. Plus, shear is dropping off and organized storms need that to be present in order to really pack a punch. Shear is the change with wind speed and/or direction with height. We have very little of that now.

Never the less, it is very warm and humid and we have a disturbance passing through. That disturbance has kicked up storms for Overton County and some of those are severe on into Kentucky (shear is better there). Storms farther south have been struggling, but that doesn’t mean or two won’t pulse up to severe levels (briefly) in our area this evening.

I’ve highlighted the current radar on the image below, as well as circled the area of t-storm activity that is of interest to us, as it all moves east and northeast. The strongest storms in our area are in Overton County and could affect areas around Jamestown within the next hour. Gusty winds and hail to one inch diameter are the main threats.

So, things are looking good for us but we still need to be mindful of that fact that we could have a strong/severe storm on the plateau between now and dark. That activity will be isolated, if at all.

You all take care.

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