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An interesting Monday Morning (10:30 update)

First of all, the National Hurricane Center has now labeled an area of low pressure off the North Carolina coastline as a tropical depression. It will likely become Tropical Storm Bill later today or tomorrow, as it moves out to sea.

Another area of low pressure in the southern Gulf of Mexico continues to slowly organize and will likely become Tropical Storm Claudette later this week. Areas from Louisiana to the Florida Panhandle are watching this system closely, as it drifts north. That system will probably increase our rain rain chances this weekend and bring up humidity values dramatically.

Finally, I wanted to share some interesting satellite imagery with you this morning. Satellite picks up more than just clouds, as we can see here. Notice that black smoke in northern Illinois? That’s smoke from huge chemical plant fire in Rockton, Illinois. According to the local news, “The fire started around 7:30 a.m. Monday at Chemtool Incorporated, located in Rockton. The company manufactures fluids, lubricants and grease products which are distributed worldwide.” Evacuations have been underway of neighboring areas. Not a good Monday morning for those folks and we sure hope everyone is OK.

You can also see how the surface winds are from the north, while winds higher up (where the clouds are) are out of the northwest.

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