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Sunday Afternoon Wx Update

The remnants of Tropical Storm Claudette continue to pull east, and that is stabilizing our atmosphere this afternoon. Never the less, there is still a chance, albeit very slim, for an afternoon/evening storm. That rain chance is now 5-10%.

That changes dramatically tomorrow! Showers and thunderstorms will visit us ALL before the day is done. I should note that the flash flood risk is increasing with tomorrow and tomorrow night’s storms. Storms will be rather slow moving and capable of torrential downpours. A damaging wind gust will also be possible and we remain in the marginal risk for a severe storm for Monday and Monday night.

If you’re out on the road Monday and Monday night and get caught in one of these downpours be safe. Visibilities can drop and that can you leave you trying to drive blind. And remember, NEVER EVER drive across a flooded road. That’s the number one way people get hurt in flooding in this country.

A few left over showers could still be around the plateau Tuesday morning, before we see sunshine and lower humidity by afternoon.

At this time, it’s looking like many of us will see around two inches of rain from Monday into Tuesday morning. If you get more storms than your neighbor, you could end up with even more. I’ll keep an eye on that.

The Crossville Airport is running 3.5 inches below normal on precip for this year. Tomorrow and tomorrow night’s rain should put a big dent in that.

You all have a great Sunday!

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