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Monday Lunch Wx Update

I just listened in on a NWS Nashville weather briefing concerning today’s storms. We are seeing some showers pop up on radar and those will increase in coverage and intensity as we go through the day. A few of these storms may even become severe, with a damaging wind gust and flash flooding being the main threats. A tornado is very unlikely, but we can’t rule out a brief spin-up with stronger storms.

Winds are picking up from the south and those could hit 23-30 mph or greater ahead of this cold front.

The main severe threat should hold off until 3:00 pm or later. However, any storm that develops this afternoon will need to be watched closely. We are so unstable that it won’t take long for a storm to get intense, especially as afternoon heat increases.

Be mindful of any flash flooding that occurs today or tonight. That will be localized and not widespread, but if you’re caught in one of those downpours while driving it can be a white-knuckle driving situation. Pull over if you can. Remember, NEVER drive across a flooded roadway. That is the NUMBER ONE way to get hurt in a flooding situation.

The radar below is from 11:10 this morning. Notice all the heavy activity across northwest Tennessee and Arkansas. That is slowly making its way eastward and will be here this evening. Again, we will see showers and thunderstorms develop well ahead of this line as we get into the afternoon and heat and instability continue to increase.

Stay weather aware, especially if you’re working outside today. These storms are liable to contain a lot of lightning. You can see on the image above! Lightning is nothing to take lightly.

You all take care. I’ll update again, as needed.

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