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Elsa Becomes a Hurricane in the Gulf

She’s not the most organized storm, and she’s certainly battling a lot of negative factors, but Tropical Storm Elsa has still managed to become a hurricane again.

The threshold for being a hurricane is 74 mph. Elsa is at 75 mph. Further strengthening is possible but significant strengthening is extremely unlikely. More than likely, Elsa will make landfall in the morning as a cat 1 hurricane, the lowest category on the 5-category scale.

Hurricane Categories: Missing The Big Picture? | BPR

The updated track map has Elsa making landfall very early in the morning on the northwest coast of Florida. The storm is expected to bring tropical storm conditions to southern Georgia and southern South Carolina on Wednesday. Impacts will be very minimal to the panhandle of Florida and locations west of there. Much of the storm is to the east of the center, with little to nothing on the west side because of wind shear.

cone graphic

You all have a good night. We may have some clouds from Elsa in our skies tomorrow, especially off to the east.

I’ll have a full weather update in the morning blog!

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