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Saturday Evening Storm Update

Good evening, everyone. I wanted to give a quick update on our overnight storm potential.

The good news is that storms to our north and northwest (across Missouri, Illinois, and Kentucky) have struggled to organize. There’s just a blob of storms over there, then another blob over here….it’s just a mess on radar. With that being said, many of the storms are very strong and some are even severe.

I underlined Nashville on the radar image below. I circled the three areas of storminess that I’m referring to. The middle area is the one that should have formed more of a line. It still looks like it wants to.

I should note that within the past hour I’ve noticed a storm developing near Tansi. It’s encouraging that it struggled in the environment we now have over the plateau. Let’s hope other storms encounter the same struggle! It’s so hot and humid outside it’s hard to imagine storms not doing well here, but something is clearly missing right now.

We’ll just have to watch for hit-n-miss storms overnight. There’s not really a line of storms to track, as it had looked like there would be with earlier guidance. Instead, there’s just several areas of storminess to track. Since there’s not a line, this has allowed some storms to grow stronger than they would have grown in a line. That’s been interesting to watch.

These “blobs” of storms could still organize into a big line, so I’ll keep an eye on that.

I just got back from Cookeville and noticed so many big, beautiful thunderheads all around the plateau. I made sure the restaurant set us by a window (ha). Some of those clouds will grow into thunderstorms, while others will not.

I’ll keep an eye on things and I’ll give another update around 10:00 pm. If you do go to bed, make sure the weather radio is turned on, just in case we need it.

Take care and I’ll update again soon!

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