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Saturday Night Storm Update (10:00 pm)

Within the past half hour, a couple of storms have started trying to develop on the western edge of the plateau. One of those storms is moving into Pleasant Hill and moving east. It just keeps getting stronger. Look for gusty winds, very heavy rainfall, and even some small hail with that storm. Our atmosphere is very unstable and it won’t take much to get many of these storms going tonight. Unlike an earlier storm that struggled near Tansi, these seem to be doing well and getting stronger.

Any storm that either develops on the plateau or moves our way from the northwest will have the potential to be strong or even severe. Gusty winds and torrential rainfall are the main threats, but we can never underestimate the dangers of cloud-to-ground lightning.

If you have a weather radio, just make sure you have it on before going to bed. We may not need them, but it’s always nice to know it’s on just in case we do.

Storms from Missouri to Kentucky continue to look messy on radar and are still not forming one big line of storms to track. That “messy” mode may continue into the night. It looks as if several line segments have tried to form, rather than just one. The motion has been more eastward, as well, rather than southeastward. Notice how storms back over Arkansas are diving southeast. We’ll just have to see if the Kentucky storms ever start moving southeast (as they should). Many of these storms have had severe t-storm warnings.

I’ll be up for several more hours and will let you know if I see anything concerning. I’ll also have my weather radio on for when I do go to sleep.

You all take care.

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