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9:55 Saturday Evening Storm Update

I have some good news. Storms are struggling in this atmosphere. Sometimes we have to wait to see how storms behave before we can know just what kind of atmosphere we have in place. There’s lots of energy (heat and humidity) but not a lot of upper-level support. That means our chances for severe storms are decreasing.

So, while storms could still be strong to briefly severe, most of us will only see rain and thunder tonight. Please be careful if you’re out driving later tonight and encounter heavy rainfall.

Rain and storms are moving onto the plateau at this hour, and they will continue to develop and move east overnight. I wouldn’t be surprised to see many of us pick up at least an inch of rain tonight.

I want to share this link with you: It shows power outages across the state. The page does not automatically refresh, so be sure and refresh it from time to time. Nashville has over 6,000 people in the dark right now, because of severe storms they had earlier. It’s interesting to watch the numbers change as storms move through.

I’ll stay up and watch things for the next several hours, just in case a storm decides to party too hard for a minute in our area. It is a Saturday night, after all. (ha)

If you must sleep, leave the weather radio on, just in case.

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  1. We ABSOLUTELY love your weather humor! You make even stormy weather interesting. Thanks, Mark-you are the best!

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