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Saturday Afternoon Wx Update

Good afternoon, everyone. It’s a hot one out there! The humidity makes it feel so much warmer than it is. The good news is that after tonight’s storms, humidity levels will drop in the coming days. Today is the last of the super humid days.

Storms are firing off across southeastern Missouri at this hour. The Storm Prediction Center has been considering issuing a severe thunderstorm watch for that area. I just noticed that one of the storms has now gone severe. That’s the first warning on this storms since they developed a couple of hours ago. Should a watch be issued, it will likely extend into portions of northern West Tennessee and perhaps western Middle TN.

Those storms, along with new ones that develop, will gradually push southeastward toward our area in the overnight hours.

You may notice a milky look to our sky. That’s smoke again. Massive wildfires out west continue to pump impressive amounts of smoke into the atmosphere. The airflow aloft is such that the smoke is getting steered into our skies.

It continues to look like the worst of our storm threat will hold off until at least 9:00 pm, but more than likely that threat will come closer to midnight. Keep in mind that heavy rainfall is also likely with some storms.

As with any overnight storm scenario, go ahead and prepare for overnight power outages, just in case. I’m charging up my portable battery charger, cell phones, etc. Know where the flashlights are right now, rather than wait until the lights go out after dark and you end up stumping your toe and saying big bad words in the dark. (ha) Just do the easy things now that could save you lots of trouble later on.

I’ll keep an eye on things!

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