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Saturday Wx Update at 10:30 a.m.

If you’re out and about in yard sales, be mindful of that radar. We have some storms in the are, especially across southern Cumberland County and northern Bledsoe County. Another area of thunderstorms is located across southern Middle Tennessee and those storms are moving east and northeast. Those will arrive over the next few hours, if they hold together. I highlighted Cumberland County on the radar below.

A more zoomed out version of the radar shows more showers and storms across southern Middle TN.

This isn’t worth cancelling your yard sale plans, but you need to pay attention to the radar and be ready to seek shelter if it starts lightning. Just wait a storm out in the car but make sure you’re not touching anything that is metal or conducts electricity. These storms are just typical summer-time storms and are not expected to become severe.

If I were out in the yard sales, I’d focus on areas north of Crossville, if I were dodging rain. Or, hit the areas south of Crossville this morning and then move northward.

You all take care!

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