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Saturday Evening Wx Update

While our weather around the plateau has been rather quiet today, it has been anything but quiet for areas west of Nashville. As much as 9-14 inches of rain has fallen in some areas. Some radar estimates are reading amounts as high as 17 inches in certain isolated locations. To make matters worse, even more thunderstorms have developed in those areas this evening and could drop 1-3 more inches of rain. This is truly a historic event for those locations.

On the radar image below, I’ve circled the area west of Nashville that I’m referring to. I underlined Nashville and highlighted the border of Cumberland County for reference. This is a current radar image. As you can see, even more storms have erupted across the same areas that saw unbelievable flooding today. All of this is moving southeast toward Alabama and will not affect the plateau.

Pictured below are just some of the scenes of devastation. What a mess for those folks to deal with! Unfortunately, there has been loss of life. I know of eight deaths in Humphreys County. We sure hope no one else loses their life.

This isn’t the only big weather story today. New England is preparing for the landfall of Henri. The storm is barely a hurricane right now and it should weaken to a tropical storm before making landfall near Long Island Sunday night. Never the less, this will be a wind and flood event for many areas that don’t normally expect that from tropical systems. They do, however, expect this kind of weather from powerful winter storms (Nor’easters) that come their way in the winter. Hopefully the flooding won’t be too bad from Henri. With tropical systems it’s always the water you should worry about most.

Around the plateau, we continue to dodge a few showers this evening. That will likely continue into the night.

You all take care and be thankful that our weather is as quiet as it is.

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