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Blue Moon Tonight

Tonight’s full moon is called a Blue Moon. No, it’s not blue. The term “blue moon” is usually reserved for months that end up with two full moons in them. This full moon in August is the third of four full moons for the summer season. That means it’s a seasonal Blue Moon. This occurs about every 2-3 years.

Each year, the Harvest Moon is either the last full moon of summer or the first full moon of Autumn. This year, it’s the last full moon of summer. That means tonight’s full moon is the third of four full moons for summer 2021.

Look to the west (right) of the full moon and you’ll see a bright “star.” That’s Jupiter. Look a little farther to the right and you’ll see another faint “star.” That’s Saturn. Those big gaseous planets are about the only thing you can see on a full moon night! The light of that big ole moon sure does drown out the other stars.

So, step out and look up. I think you’ll be glad you did.

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