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Monday Evening Ida Update

The first of many rain bands from Ida has swept across the plateau. It got a little noisy with that one! As is the case with tropical systems, the rain will come with bands. Within those bands, winds will be gusty and rainfall could be heavy.

Ida has now been downgraded to a depression.

The center of what was Ida will be passing right over Crossville tomorrow evening. The winds will likely get gusty as that nears us.

The NWS is upping their forecast wind gusts to 35 mph. They’re getting closer to the 40 mph wind gusts I’ve been forecasting (ha). We always get gusty winds from tropical systems up here on the plateau. This storm will be no exception.

We do have the risk for an isolated tornado. Tropical systems produce weak and short-lived tornadoes, but they can pack a bit of a punch where they hit, of course. This system has not been much of a tornado producer and we hope that stays true.

We’re still on track for 3 or more inches of rain. Some of you may see upwards of 5 inches.

I’ll be keeping a close watch on things. Keep in mind that those of you with Android devices can download the Meteorologist Mark app. The iPhone app is coming soon.

For those who are interested, tomorrow’s MM WeatherLetter is a special edition devoted to Ida. I have a story about why Ida became so strong, the complications of evacuations, and why New Orleans is a sinking city. Those three stories and more cool info will be in that letter at

We still have several other areas in the tropics to watch in the coming days. We’re nearing the peak of hurricane season and it shows!

You all take care. If anything comes up that you need to know about I’ll jump on here to let ya know. Otherwise, I’ll have my full update out in the morning.

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