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Evening Weather Update (8:15)

The worst of the storms took aim at Tansi and then moved northward to affect areas around Crossville. The storm then moved up 127 through Fentress county. Lawson Road appears to have been hit hard and it certainly looks as though a tornado may have occurred there. For those of you who don’t know, Lawson Rd is the road you can turn onto beside Green Acres Cemetery, located just north of I-40. A NWS survey team will probably check that area out.

Our environment favored brief spin-up tornadoes and it appears we may have had at least one of those hit our area. Perhaps the biggest story for us all was the strong winds and extremely heavy rainfall. Roads are washed out and Highway 127 was a mess for me driving home from work. I’m hearing Bear Creek Road has had a culvert washed out about 1/4 mile down that road from the south entrance off Highway 127.

A tornado watch is in effect until 10:00 pm. The Storm Prediction Center just issued a statement saying they don’t plan to cancel our tornado watch but they may change their mind. A lot of the counties in the watch have more unstable conditions than we do, so there’s that to consider.

It was certainly a challenge trying to keep you all updated and trying to teach class tonight! It certainly became a teachable moment. We even stepped out to see the clouds. Meteorology up and close! ha

Be careful if you’re out tonight. There are still some very heavy downpours around the region and our ground is soaked. If leaves need water for good colors, were liable to be blinded when they start changing!

I’ll jump back on here if something comes up you need to know about.

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