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Weather Update 10:00

The tornado watch has been allowed to expire and there are currently no plans for the Storm Prediction Center to issue a new one.

Our greatest threat is now flooding. Please be careful if you’re out tonight. If you know anyone who will be out tonight, please remind them to be safe on these roads. A lot of roads are washed out and many more have debris on them from earlier flooding and stuff blown in the road by high winds.

Showers and even a few thunderstorms will continue into the night.

I’ve gotten 4.6 inches of rain here in Rinnie this evening! I picked up 3.25 inches on Monday! So much for October being one of the driest months of the year!

So, be safe on area roads. NEVER drive across flooded roads. The road may not even be there anymore. Be safe going to work and school in the morning. Thankfully, schools are delayed two hours due to flooding.

Unless something else happens, which I don’t anticipate, this will be my last post of the evening.

I’ll see you all in the morning with my daily blog post!

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