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Monday Morning Storm Update

In a Sunday evening weather update, I talked about two scenarios. One scenario brought a line of strong to severe storms across the plateau closer to the noon hour. That scenario had about a 30% chance of occurring. The other scenario brought a disorganized and weakening line of showers and thunderstorms across the plateau in the morning hours. That scenario had a 70% chance. Thankfully, the better scenario is the one we’re dealing with. Radar imagery below shows a disorganized “mess” of showers and thunderstorms moving across Middle Tennessee this morning. I highlighted the borders of Cumberland and Fentress counties.

These are leftovers from the big storms that occurred across Arkansas, Missouri, and Illinois Sunday evening. The atmosphere there was much different from ours this morning and led to them having quite the outbreak of severe storms, especially for the month of October.

We still can’t rule out a strong thunderstorm but our severe chances have declined steadily all morning. The Storm Prediction Center has also pushed the risk for severe storms for Knoxville more eastward toward Virginia and North Carolina, for those of you who may be headed to Knoxville today.

There are currently no watches or warnings in effect for any of Tennessee. That may change later today for folks east of Knoxville.

I’ll continue to monitor this activity and I’ll have a full blog update out by 9:00 a.m.

You all take care!

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