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10:00 Friday Night Severe Storm Update

It’s a rough night for a lot of folks. Let’s keep anyone affected by tonight’s storms close to our hearts. Many of you reading this know what it’s like to go through a bad storm. Parts of Arkansas, West TN, and western KY have been hit so very hard.

Supercells have had little trouble developing across eastern Arkansas, extreme West TN and western Kentucky this evening. Temperatures there are currently in the low to mid 70s.

We remain in the mid 50s but that temp has been rising for the past several hours. Winds are picking up, too.

A line of strong to severe storms is organizing across western Arkansas now. That line will cause all of us on the Cumberland Plateau to start being weather aware at 6:00 a.m. We should be in the clear by noon. That line is circled on the radar image below.

There is a chance that after our squall line blows through that more storms could fire along the actual cold front to our west. That is why the threat lasts until noon Saturday.

Throughout the rest of the night, the pop up showers and storms ahead of the main line will have to be watched across Middle TN (like those circled on the radar image below). Any of these could rotate. A new tornado watch is being planned by 11:00 pm that will include at least western Middle TN (Nashville area and vicinity). Thankfully, that stuff should stay away from the plateau overnight. Never hurts to err on the side of caution and leave that weather radio on, though. I highlighted the borders of Cumberland and Fentress counties on the radar image you see.

I’m watching it all real close! I’ll update, as needed, through the rest of the night. If you don’t hear from me you know all is well (ha). Otherwise, I’m sure I’ll see you all here in the morning!

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You all take care!

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