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5:45 Severe Weather Update

Storms continue to show a gradual weakening trend, thank goodness! The Storm Prediction Center just issued a statement saying they expect storms to continue to gradually weaken over the coming hours. However, they noted that there could still be a severe wind gust or even a brief spin-up tornado. The tornado watch goes to 11:00, unless it is cancelled early.

We still have a severe storm coming into Cookeville right now. That will eventually track into Fentress County.

The biggest part of the line seems to have really put the brakes on. We saw that initial surge eastward with the northern end of the line. We saw that charge across northern Fentress County earlier. Now, the line is just putting on its brakes and will slowly make its way toward the plateau. Hopefully, this will be pushing out of here by 8:00.

I’ll keep an eye on things. I’ve stuck with it this long, so I might as well see thing through (ha).

In all seriousness, let’s keep all the victims’ families and friends near to hear hearts. I had family and friends near the paths of some of the Kentucky tornadoes. I’ve heard from many of them but not all of them yet.

You all take care. I’m watching it all.

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2 thoughts on “5:45 Severe Weather Update

  1. Bless you Mark, you’ll never know what these words mean to so many people.

  2. Mark thank you for this life critical service you give to our community

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