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Storms Slowing Down (5:00 a.m. update)

After that initial surge to the east by those storms now moving through northern Overton County, the rest of the storms are hanging back. This could put us back on track for our original threat times of being after 6:00 a.m.

I do want to say that radar is showing very strong winds moving into northern Fentress County. They are straight-line winds for the most part but a spin-up tornado is certainly possible.

As for those of us in Cumberland, we’ll just wait on the rest of the line to pick up some speed and come on through.

It does appear storms are weakening a bit. Let’s hope that trend holds true. Tonight has been an awful and historic weather night for a lot of bad reasons. We need these storms to cut us a break.

A tornado watch remains in effect until 11:00. Hopefully we can cancel that early. I’ll let you know.

I’ll keep an eye on things.

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