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5:20 Severe Wx Update

Storms are moving into western Putnam County at this hour. So far, storms in Tennessee have been below severe limits. We should see a break in the rain over the next hour, followed by a line of very heavy rainfall, gusty winds, and the possibility of a strong to severe storm.

The latest tornado watch extends into the southern counties of Middle TN and extends east to Chattanooga.

We remain north of the stationary front I mentioned earlier, which is helping to keep us a bit more stable. Let’s hope that stays true.

It continues to look like those of you in Fentress county will be spared this severe weather event.

Those of us in Cumberland county need to be weather aware over the next couple of hours, just in case something fires up.

Storms are expected to rapidly intensify across northern Alabama over the next hour. If you know anyone down there please make sure they are paying attention to the weather. Those storms should stay south of Cumberland county.

I’ll keep an eye on things!

Pictured below is radar at 5:15. Storms are moving east.

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