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All Clear

Well, folks, we dodged another bullet. While it never looked like the threat was elevated, we have learned many times over the past few years that low-level threats can turn very serious very quickly. It’s always best we be prepared. It’s like filling up the car with gas before a winter storm. If it snows you’re ready to go. If it doesn’t snow you still have a good tank of gas. ha!

Look for rain to continue for the next couple of hours of so, followed by a quiet night. Some of this rainfall has been heavy and a few more downpours are possible for the next hour.

Skies should become partly cloudy by Thursday afternoon, with highs reaching the mid 60s.

Yet another storm system gathers strength on Friday, bringing us another round of storms as soon as Friday night and for sure on Saturday. This system looks much more potent than this evening’s and certainly bears watching. I’ll have more updates on that system tomorrow and throughout the weekend.

And yes, some snowflakes may fly on Sunday as temps take a BIG plunge.

Then, another warming trend commences the middle of next week.

The wild winter weather roller coaster continues. Buckle up and stay tuned to Meteorologist Mark! I’ll be doing my thing and covering the weather for Fentress and Cumberland county the best I can!

For those who don’t know, I have my YouTube channel that I post updates on , as well. Please feel free to subscribe at I have big plans for that channel in the new year!

You all have a good evening and THANK YOU so much for trusting me with your weather! I’ll have a full blog update out in the morning!

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  1. I’m ready for a big snow, please!!!!

    1. You and me both!

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