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10:00 Weather Update

The Storm Prediction Center is now considering issuing a severe thunderstorm watch for portions of Kentucky and Tennessee. The mesoscale discussion is the area circled in red below. The previous area over Arkansas is what I mentioned in the last blog post. This specialized discussion just came out for our area. They specifically mentioned being concerned about areas closest to the Kentucky border. That means that Fentress county would be at a greater risk than Cumberland county for these overnight storms. The main threats would be a damaging wind gust and some hail, though an isolated tornado is possible. The threat would likely come around midnight and later. I’ll keep you posted! Just know that your weather radios may be blaring within the next hour or so for this watch. I should note that if storms don’t grow as expected tonight, they won’t be issuing a watch. We’ll see!

My YouTube video from earlier is still loading! The joys of Frontier “high speed” internet. It says there’s 29 mins left…..

You all take care. I’ll be up monitoring it all!

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