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1:30 a.m. Saturday Update

The storms are firing off well to our north so far this evening and they are moving east and northeast, which means they are not currently threatening Cumberland or Fentress counties. That is good news. The radar image below shows that activity, with Middle TN being dry. I circled Cumberland and Fentress counties for reference. It seems storms have fired off about 30 miles north of where models were saying they would. That bodes well for us.

If you have a weather radio you can go to bed. Just make sure it’s turned on. If you have an app that you know will wake you up you can go to bed. Preferably, you have both of those things to wake you up. Tonight’s threat is greatest north of Jamestown but we are all in a low-level risk for a severe storm.

Another bit of good news….the Storm Prediction Center chose not to upgrade anyone to moderate risk for tomorrow at the midnight update! That is good news. That doesn’t mean they won’t do an upgrade in the morning, but it’s a good sign that they held off on that for now. We’ll take any good news we can get!

You all sleep well if you can. I’ll jump on here if there’s anything you need to know about tonight. Otherwise, I’ll be here in the morning and all day tomorrow.

And Happy New Year!

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