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2:00 Update

At this time, there are no concerns on the plateau. That could change rather quickly.

Storms are moving fast, so warnings could be short.

For those of you with weather radios that didn’t go off for the tornado watch just make sure you have other sources for getting your warnings. Weather radios work great most of the time, but not all of the time. This is why I remind you to have multiple ways to get warnings, just in case one way fails.

Some of you have lost power because of the very gusty winds we are having. I’ve discussed that possibility and hopefully you took my advice to have a source for weather info that does not rely on electricity. Portable batteries are good to have too (I’ve recommended those in past posts and I’ll have a link for all of the things I buy for the weather coming soon).

Thankfully, storms are struggling in our neck of the woods this afternoon. We should be thankful and we need to be hopeful that continues to be the case. Just don’t count on that being the case.

You all take care. I’ll be keeping a close eye on things.

The main line of storms should arrive between 6:00-8:00 pm, with potential supercells before that.


Tennessee Power Outage Map

Follow the link below to see current power outages across the state. This is VERY interesting when storms are going on. You’ll see lots of people go into the dark when the line of storms crosses our state Saturday afternoon and evening. Just remember to refresh the page!

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