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5:15 Storm Update

Things are still looking OK for us on the plateau. Things are looking really good for those of you in Fentress county. I wouldn’t be surprised to see your watch cancelled early, but that’s up to the Storm Prediction Center.

Those of you across the southern half of Cumberland county are the ones dealing with the most close calls. We had one storm go through, we have another moving in. Both were intense looking on radar and even showed a bit of rotation from time to time. It’s honestly quite remarkable that neither one have caused trouble for us.

Interestingly, the line of strong to severe storms we were concerned about isn’t quite developing. I’ll keep an eye on that. We may end up just dealing with this storms coming in from the southwest from time to time the rest of the evening.

But there are more storms like those two coming. They’re basically following each other. Folks, if all of these were producing tornadoes it would have been a horrible evening across the southern half of the county.

There are more storms to come. In fact, one near Manchester just went severe. Now, will it struggle as the others have as it nears us? We will wait and see.

Pictured below is a current radar image. I’ve circled the storms I’ve been watching most closely and I underlined Crossville. As you can see, we’re not done just yet. Storms are moving northeast and following each other. If you didn’t get the first two, you probably won’t get the others.

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