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Severe storms threatening southern Cumberland County

You folks across southern Cumberland county need to pay very close attention to those storms coming from the southwest. They are intensifying. One is even a tornado warning now. Let’s stay very vigilant over the next hour and a half. If you know anyone in Bledsoe county you need to let them know, as well These could affect them too.

These storms should be getting very close to the Cumberland county border by 6:15 pm. If you live in Vandever or Tansi (and surrounding areas) you need to pay attention.

Some churches have opened shelters if you feel more comfortable going to one of their basements. I’ve been sharing that info on Facebook. Homestead United Methodist is one, Church of God of Prophecy in Crab Orchard is another. There are others that you can find on my Facebook messages.

Let’s not let our guard down folks.

The Storm Prediction Center is working on a new tornado watch that may include Cumberland county and will extend beyond 7:00. I doubt it will include Fentress.

You folks in Fentress county continue to look good.

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