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7:0 MM Winter Weather Update

The NWS Nashville is now considering an upgrade to winter storm warning for at least Cumberland and Fentress counties. It will be interesting to see what they decide.

Short-term models are showing very heavy snow falling across the southeastern portions of the county at 10:00 pm. It will be interesting to see if that verifies! That would include Westel, Ozone and Crab Orchard, for sure. That could be trivial for the interstate through there….. That could put you all in an isolated area of higher snowfall totals of 3″ or more, which would meet winter storm criteria. Keep in mind that snow amounts can vary significantly across short distances, especially on this plateau.

Temps are taking their sweet time falling and the snow is ever-so-slowly on its way. Never the less, the forecast is still on track!


Snow Cream

I always wait and get the snow on top of the first inch. That way it’s cleaner? Some people say not to eat the first snow of the season but I’m not sure what sense that makes. Plus, we can’t take any chances that there will be a second snow around here. lol

NOTE: For chocolate, mix some Hershey’s cocoa a little hot water…enough to get it mixed up. Then, add it to the snow cream below to get chocolate. I would add a lot of cocoa but I’m a chocolate addict so I can’t be trusted with the measurement. haha Make it to your taste preference.

Remember the Fur Babies

This weather change is going to be tough on the outside fur babies. Make sure they have a dry bed that is shielded from snow and wind. Warm clothing or shavings can help keep them warm, too. Make sure they have fresh water and plenty of food. They’ll need the energy to stay warm.

Tennessee Power Outage Map

This might be interesting to see if the snow tonight knocks out anyone’s power, especially over toward the Smokies.

Follow the link below to see current power outages across the state. Just remember to refresh the page, as it does not auto frefresh on its own.

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