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Arctic air and light snow moving in (6:15 update)

You all get ready to bundle up! The arctic air is moving in as we speak. As that air invades, it will squeeze out whatever moisture is in the air. That will lead to periods of light snow for the next couple of hours. Additional accumulations of around a dusting to one half inch will be possible. This is a drier snow than what we had earlier and those tend to be slicker on the roadways.

Temps will plummet tonight. Some guidance is suggesting lows of 3-6 degrees. That is dangerously cold weather, folks. Please be safe with whatever heat source you use tonight and follow the safety guidelines listed for what you are using.

I went through my car a while ago and got out anything I thought might freeze and either burst or ruin.

As always, make sure the people (esp elderly or disabled) and pets in your life are taken care of tonight. This kind of air can become deadly. And make sure your pipes are alright. It would be a good night to leave the faucet dripping. If you must travel tonight, prepare for car trouble. It wouldn’t take long for you to get in trouble with air this cold.

The wind chill factor tonight will be below zero. That breeze out there will cause the “feels like” temp to be much colder than the air temp.

The current radar (6:10) shows a band of light snow moving east. This is in response to arctic air moving in. I live in northwest Cumberland County and light snow just moved in. Stay warm!

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