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Brief Update (Issued Friday at 5:00)

First of all, that sunset this evening was incredible! The sunsets before a storm system are often some of the most beautiful.

A quick update on the weather situation….guidance continues to indicate that there could be sharp gradients across Tennessee for who gets a lot of snow and who gets little to no snow. Guidance continues to be rather unclear and so the NWS is reluctant to upgrade our watch to a warning for now.

Never the less, we should prepare for winter storm conditions, just in case.

I’ll try to send out an update later tonight. The one thing I think that might need adjusting is the time for the onset of snow Saturday night. For those of us in Cumberland County that switch to snow may come after 9:00 pm. It could come as early as 3:00 in the afternoon for Jamestown. The changeover is expected to be slow. I may get snow in Rinnie for an hour or more before snow begins in Crossville, for example. I’ll need to see more data before changing times. To be safe, I’d just plan on being home safe and sound before dark Saturday. Once the snow begins, roads will become very hazardous very quickly, whether they are treated or not. Trust me when I say, heavy wet snow sticks to everything as soon as it starts.

Thankfully, we will not be getting an ice storm. However, the heavy wet nature of this snow will likely lead to power outages, especially if significant snow occurs. Prepare for long duration power outages, just in case. And park your vehicles away from trees.

Make sure you have heat if the lights go out.

I’m keeping an eye on things! I’ll have another update later tonight. For now, there’s a new spider man movie to be watched. lol Incidentally it’s titled Spider Man: No Way Home. Make sure you get home tomorrow night before the snow hits or that title will mean more to you than you’d care for it to! lol

Snow may begin as soon as 3:00 for Jamestown. Stay tuned.

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