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Winter Weather Update

I hope everyone is having a good Friday! I just listened in on a NWS conference call and have some info to pass along.

It continues to look like accumulating snow will fall on the plateau Saturday night and Sunday. I continue to forecast widespread 4-6 inch amounts, with locally higher amounts possible. This is looking like a heavy wet snow, which are the prettiest snows, but they stick to trees and powerlines, which could lead to power outages for areas that pick up heavier snow amounts.

Forecast Concerns at this point:

If sleet mixes in then snowfall amounts will be lower. This happened in southern Cumberland County with the last event and looks possible with this event. An ice storm, however, is not expected.

If the transition to snow takes longer than expected Saturday night we’ll get more rain, which would also cut down on snowfall totals.

If the storm tracks too far south, we’ll only see light snow amounts.


Confidence is higher that we’ll see 4-6 inches of snow. If the transition to snow occurs quicker, the sleet is limited, and/or the storm track comes closer we could see higher amounts that would take us up to the 6-8 inch range areawide.

As with all winter storms, there will likely be a band of snow that gives some of us 2-3 more inches of snow than everyone else. That is not uncommon with winter storms. Many of the snow maps you’re seeing on social media are broadcasting what some folks in a narrow corridor will pick up and are not representative of what most of us may see. The images of ice storm maps on social media should be discounted.

Special Note

This remains a very complex situation and you are urged to stay tuned for updates. Snow amounts are liable to change, so stay tuned. At this time, I would prepare for a major winter storm, just in case.

Prepare now for winter storm conditions that could make travel impassable and could lead to widespread power outages. Some of those power outages could be for an extended period of time. If you prepare to use alternative sources of heat, please be careful with those methods and follow all instructions for proper use. Your life depends on it.

It’s been quite the month and the wild weather ride continues! Indications are that the rest of the month is looking like more of the same.

Now, go get that milk and bread before the people who don’t follow Meteorologist Mark find out about this! lol

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