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5:00 Winter Storm Update

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MM’s Winter Summary  

I’m releasing this an hour early for important changes to the accumulation forecast.

The concern for very heavy snowfall is increasing with each new round of data now coming in. We need to prepare for a significant winter storm.

Temps did not warm as much as expected today. We climbed into the upper 30s, rather than the lower 40s. With this system, just a few degrees makes a huge difference. Look for snow, heavy at times, to be with us through the day Sunday.

For those of you who end up in heavier snow bands, there could even be thundersnow.

If we also get windy conditions, which is quite likely, that will only make matters worse, especially with possible damage trees and powerlines. Prepare for long-duration power outages.

MM’s Winter Wx Concerns  

I am now comfortable, especially considering the latest data, in forecasting widespread amounts of 6-8 inches, with locally heavier areas of snow. Isolated locations could pick up 10″ of heavy, wet snow.


Special Notes 

Prepare for major travel impacts Sunday through Monday.

Prepare for long-duration power outages and tree damage.

Have an alternative source of heat if you rely on electricity for heat.

Road Conditions 

Prepare for major travel impacts Sunday through Monday. Refer to TDOT’s SmartWay map for road info. That info can be found at the link below.

Power Outages 

With this being a heavy, wet snow you should prepare for power outages. If snow is heavier than forecast, those outages could be of a long duration. To keep up with reported power outages, see the link below.

Winter Weather Safety 

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