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9:00 pm Saturday Update

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MM’s Winter Weather Summary  

Short-term models continue to highlight the plateau in the heaviest snowfall. Several of you have asked me about surrounding counties. Just understand that the gradient could be steep, with Cumberland and Fentress counties receiving substantially more snow than surrounding counties. This is because models show what’s called a deformation zone setting up across the plateau. Those are zones of enhanced precipitation because of air being forced upward. Couple that with the terrain of the plateau and we get set for a substantial winter storm. Heavy snow would have been expected with or without terrain.

Radar has been showing some sleet pellets across the region but precip, for now, remains very light. That will change after midnight.

Keep in mind that the bulk of the snow comes during the day Sunday. Don’t think the forecast has busted if you don’t have much snow when you wake up in the morning. It will come.

I shared a YouTube video on social media earlier. I have included it below.

You all stay safe. I’ll update again as needed! Thanks for trusting me with your weather!


MM’s Timeline  

MM’s Snowfall Forecast   

Road Conditions 

Prepare for major travel impacts Sunday through Monday. Refer to TDOT’s SmartWay map for road info. That info can be found at the link below.

Power Outages 

With this being a heavy, wet snow you should prepare for power outages. If snow is heavier than forecast, those outages could be of a long duration. To keep up with reported power outages, see the link below.

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