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1:00 Winter Storm Update

The changeover to snow seems to be complete across the plateau, although there could still be, from time to time, a wintry mix. For the most part, atmospheric temperature profiles should be such that most of us are seeing snow now.

I should add that if you decided to shovel any of the snow be careful. This is a very heavy snow and this wet, heavier snow is nicknamed “heart-attack” snow for a reason. Be careful.

Thankfully winds are staying down for now. Maybe they’ll stay low. Winds in the Smokies this afternoon are expected to be in access of 70 mph!

Snow will vary in intensity throughout the afternoon and evening. As with all winter storms, conditions will change from one location to another.

I sure do thank each and every one of you for trusting me with your weather. I appreciate it more than you know!

With the wintry mix lasting longer than expected, snowfall amounts are liable to be a bit lower. There is still a ton of moisture to come with this system, so significant snowfall is certainly still possible. Snowfall amounts across the plateau should still end up around that 6″ mark, give or take a bit. I’ve gone back and forth on that part of the forecast for days now but deciding where to land in that 4-8″ zone has been a tough call for me to make. I’m just not sure 8″ amounts will be common enough to stick with the 6-8″ zone on the scale. That’s not to say some of you won’t see that much, which is why I say locally higher amounts are possible.

For you snow lovers, I still very confident (as does the NWS) that we’ll end up with several inches of snow. Just be patient. ha

Road Conditions 

Prepare for major travel impacts Sunday through Monday. Refer to TDOT’s SmartWay map for road info. That info can be found at,traffic

Power Outages 

With this being a heavy, wet snow you should prepare for power outages. If snow is heavier than forecast, those outages could be of a long duration. To keep up with reported power outages, see the link

Snow Cream

To make chocolate, just mix some Hershey’s cocoa with some water and mix into the snow.

How to Accurately Measure Snow  

Stay Safe 

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  1. With Hurricane Andrew, I had Brian Norcross. With Jamestown and surrounding areas, I now have you. Simply awesome.

    1. That is an awesome compliment, Ponch. Thank you.

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