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3:30 Winter Weather Update

Conditions are really beginning to deteriorate across parts of the plateau, folks. Colder air is moving in now and that will freeze any roadways that may still be wet. In addition, fog is moving in, as well, and that can freeze on contact with surfaces. My temperature has dropped from 32 to 31 degrees and the winds are starting to pick up a bit.

The NWS just issued a statement saying 2-3 more inches of snow is likely and I agree. I currently have 2″ here at home.

I’m working on a YouTube update that should be ready by 4:00 or so at I’ll explain some of what happened today. Please feel free to subscribe for free to my channel! After this storm is over, I’ll have a bit of a lesson I’ll post on there about winter weather forecasting for the plateau. Stay tuned for that!

You all stay safe and stay warm and try to stay home.

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