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Monday Afternoon Update

The NWS has allowed the winter weather advisory to expire early. All precip from today’s clipper system has moved east now. I can’t rule out a few flurries the rest of the day, but the accumulating snow is over with for this system.

Most side roads are a mess. Please be careful if you venture out on Tuesday. Many of the main roads have been cleared but side roads are always tricky.

Make sure you clean your car off good before you head out. Any snow you leave on the roof of your car can blow off and be an unpleasant surprise to the car behind you. Clean off those brake lights in the back too!

Also, be careful with those car door handles. They can break if they’re iced up. I got into my car though a less icy back door (plus, I figured if the handle breaks (been there, done that before) it’s better to be a back door. lol). It took my car half an hour to thaw. lol I’m not going anywhere but I wanted to get my car deiced this afternoon, rather than wait until the morning. Fyi, I lost my ice scraper but a rubber spatula worked great! lol

You all stay safe and stay warm! We’re headed down to 15-18 degrees tonight.

I’ll have a full forecast in the morning and update you on the snow potential coming Wednesday night. Right now, it still look like a “one inch or less” event. Stay tuned.

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