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9:00 Weather Update

Temps are about to start dropping across the plateau, as the cold front is moving through the region. That front has dropped south of Jamestown and is moving south. By midnight, any leftover precip will begin to change to a wintry mix. Roads probably won’t start to show problems until about 2 or 3:00 a.m. Again, the precip will be light but it doesn’t take much to cause slick roads.

We can hope that the cold air rushing in just shoves the leftover moisture off to the east.

So far tonight, most of the moisture behind the cold front has been staying in Kentucky, which means we may not see much of a problem across Cumberland County from wintry precip. Those of you in Fentress County will likely see more wintry precip than those of us farther south.

Never the less, everyone needs to be extra careful when they head out in the morning. There’s a lot of water on the roads and with temps dipping to the lower 20s tonight, that could certainly cause some slick spots.

We have some light wintry precip possible Friday, though I think the VAST majority of any of that will be well south of us. In fact, people will see snow and ice in parts of the Deep South that never see that kind of stuff. Even Myrtle Beach is expecting ice storm conditions!

Our next best chance of wintry weather may hold off until Tuesday, but that’s WAY too far off to make any speculations about precip types and amounts. Stay tuned.

You all have a good evening!

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