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Snow Showers Developing (2:15 update)

Light snow and dangerous wind chills are the main threats tonight

Good afternoon, everyone! Snow flakes continue to fall from the sky from time to time across the plateau. I’ve also encountered some drizzle that could be freezing on surfaces. Look for this type of activity to continue for the next hour or so.

Then, snow showers will become more widespread and some of them will really pepper down the snow for some of you all. The greatest risk for accumulation will be along the western edge of the plateau, as well as across much of Fentress County. Accumulations should stay one inch or less for most, with the typical caveat of “isolated higher amounts” always being a thing with winter weather. Isolated higher amounts should stay under the two inch mark and be quite isolated and more likely to be found across northern Fentress County or in the Monterey to Mayland area.

A winter weather advisory is in effect through much of the night. Please keep in mind that temps will take a plunge tonight and bottom out around 10 degrees. With a windy night expected, wind chill values will be at or below zero. Now is the time to make sure your pipes and outdoor spigots are ready for that, as well as your elderly or disabled neighbors. Finally, make sure your outside pets are sheltered from the wind and have a warm shelter. I just went through my car and made sure I had gotten out anything that could freeze and bust.

Radar shows snow showers breaking out to our west and moving our way! That activity should arrive by 3:00 or shortly thereafter. Whatever accumulation we get will mostly come from this activity. I highlighted Fentress and Cumberland County, as well as the Monterey area (I’ll cover Monterey from now on).

With the snow and cold, I highly recommend just staying in tonight. Temps begin rebounding by Sunday. And just to be safe, I’d plan on being home by dark.

You all take care! I’ll update again as needed!

Wind and cold is a dangerous combination! Be careful if you must be out tonight. If you have to travel somewhere, make sure you’re prepared if your car breaks down. It doesn’t take long to experience frostbite or hypothermia if you’re out in the cold and wind like we’ll have tonight.

Remember the Fur Babies!

Keep in mind that animals feel the wind-chill factor (feels-like temp) too! Make sure they are warm, dry, and protected from the wind tonight!

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