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Winter Weather Update at 9:30 a.m.

Several of us are seeing snow flurries flying around out there this morning. These are associated with an arctic front moving through. The morning activity will be of very little to no impact on travel.

As we get into the afternoon, temps will continue to fall behind this front. At the same time, a disturbance will drop in from the northwest. That combination will lead to flurries turning to snow showers, which will whiten the ground. It is then that travel issues could arise, though I don’t foresee major problems. Still, we all know it only takes a little bit of snow to cause some travel troubles on the plateau.

The HRRR short-term model is seen below. It seems to be doing a great job at showing what I’m expecting. The time begins at noon on this model and ends at 2:00 a.m. tonight. Your total accumulation will be determined by how many snow showers you get. Generally speaking, accumulations should stay under an inch. The greatest risk for the higher totals will be along the western edge of the plateau (ie. Mayland to Monterey) and across Fentress County.

Please be safe if you must be out tonight. With lows dropping to around ten degrees and northwest winds blowing, the wind chill factor (feels-like temp) will be dangerously cold.

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